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A carport is an open-air structure that protects your car or motorcycle from the elements. Often confused as a makeshift garage, carports come in various styles. While a carport doesn’t secure your car the way an enclosed garage would, it’s a great alternative for storing vehicles. To add, simple carports often come as a low-cost option.

Read on to discover why you should build a carport.

The Carport Varieties Today

While a carport may appear to be simple, they come in wide varieties today and overlap in serving purposes.  They may also come in metal, wood, and fabric materials. Here are their different types:

Carports Can Be Used For a Variety of Purposes 

While carports are commonly used to protect automobiles from snow, rain, and hail, they can also be used for a variety of other purposes. The shade can be used to protect darker-colored vehicles from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Carports can also be kept simple or customized to meet your needs. Paint, siding, curtains, and blinds can drastically improve the appearance and functionality of your carport. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Purchasing a Carport 

A carport has several advantages over a garage. Including a carport in your home may increase the value of your home at a low cost and in a short period of time, reduce vehicle and utility expenses, and allow you to work on car maintenance in natural light. 

Meanwhile, each home improvement has a number of drawbacks. Carports, while inexpensive, lack durability and features. Because of the open sides, your items may not be completely protected from damage or theft. 

Guidelines for Building a Carport 

The Use 

Determine when and how the carport will be used. Knowing the primary purpose of the carport to assist you with your concerns is the best way to choose one. Begin by making a list of your top priorities. 

The Location

The location of the carport is also important during the planning process. Ensure that the land is stable enough to support a carport. You may also hire a professional to assess the soil’s integrity. 

The Costing 

Carports, while relatively inexpensive structures, must be considered in terms of cost. A carport can be built from scratch or purchased prefabricated. This figure will be used to calculate the total cost of your carport project, which will include labor and materials. 

The Sizing 

Carports, like full-size garages, come in a variety of sizes. Consider the number of vehicles that will be parked beneath the carport, along with your long-term goals. Determine the size of your carport based on the size of your land, your budget, and your projected household growth. 

The Material Selection 

Materials costs must be considered when building a carport from the ground up. In general, the more durable the material, the higher its cost. 

The Installation

Whichever option you select, you can start using your carport right away. You can begin relocating your belongings beneath the new shelter after a quick installation. 


Now that you know more about carports and their versatility, you may be tempted to get one for yourself. That will definitely be a great purchasing decision! Simply make sure you buy only quality materials that could withstand seasons and your lifestyle.

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