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Let’s talk about exactly what you came here to talk about—carports. But not just any carports, we’re here to talk about regular roof carports. You might be sitting there reading this and wondering, “hmm, regular roof carports? I’ve never really heard that term before. What’s the difference between that type of carport and another? Is there even a difference?”

Of course, there is.

At Union Steel Structures, carport is basically our middle name—in other words, we specialize in knowing everything there is to know about carports, the different types, and of course, making the perfect, customizable carport options for you.  That means we’re also here to educate you on what type of carport is going to suit you best.

So, what exactly is a regular roof carport? Well—the name should give you a clue.

This type of popular carport is made with bent, galvanized steel braces that are covered with horizontal metal panels. These panels typically roll down over the sides of the braces, providing extra strength to the structure. Sound like something you might need in your life? We thought so. Keep reading for more information on regular roof carports!

What Sets Regular Roof Carports Apart from Other Types of Carports?

Aside from the basics we already covered, there are lots of differences between this type of carport and other types of carports.

For example, regular roof carports tend to be the most cost-effective, affordable options when it comes to roof styles for carports.

Further, because of the curved edges of the regular roof metal, you’re able to locate the structure right next to an existing wall or eave—all without ever worrying about conflicting damage! (Makes for a pretty convenient addition to any current storage solution).

Other benefits of this type of carport setup include:

  • Tons of color options (Because why should you be stuck with one boring color?)
  • 12-or14-gauge tubing
  • Center and Corner Braces (For extra strength and durability!
  • Construction and anchoring kits to create the perfect spot for your carport

Customizable Options Make Your Carport Unique to Your Needs

Remember those options we talked about in the section above? Well, we’re here to make that point again. Union Steel Structures is all about customization because we know that not every person will have identical needs for their carport. That’s why our carports are crafted specifically to your specifications!

Not only can we customize the size of your carport—we’re talking width, length, height, the whole shebang— we also offer you customizable colors, shapes, and more! Union Steel Structures is all about putting every effort into making your dream carport a reality—no matter what it takes!

How Does a Regular Roof Carport Benefit You?

Here’s the main point we want to get across—not every carport out there is created equally. At Union Steel Structures, it’s essentially our life’s purpose to create the most beneficial carports possible—that means offering you all the customizable, optimized options we possibly can. All of those options go hand-in-hand with all kinds of benefits, like:

  • Overhead protection: Our regular roof carports will protect vehicles (or whatever else you plan to store and protect under there!) from potential damages to harsh outdoor elements like sun, rain, wind, hail, and more.
  • Durability: Our regular roof carports are made with top-of-the-line steel. And of course, our designers and craftsmen are what truly make these buildings next-level exceptional.
  • Affordability: Regular roof carports are already cost-effective. Add in our customizable options, and we can create the perfect carport for your pricing plan.
  • Quick Installation: Did we mention they’re a breeze to install? Our carports can be assembled in a shorter time than wooden structures (and they’re about 100 times more reliable and durable, too!)

And so much more!

Let’s Talk Numbers: How Much Does a Regular Roof Carport Cost?

Now to the part you’ve been dreading—the price. You probably think we saved this section for the end so we wouldn’t scare you off, right?

Wrong! We saved this part for the end because we wanted to save the best for last. These carports—these solutions that are dream-worthy and will remedy any storage issue you might have—are actually incredibly affordable. That’s right, we’ll say it again—they’re incredibly affordable.

Luckily, the regular roof carports are one of the most affordable types of carports on the market—even our top-of-the-line, high-quality, can’t-get-a-better carports!

Prices for carports will, of course, vary based on the customized options you choose for your specific building and other minor details (such as location, manufacturer associated, size, color, style, etc.),  but the good news is, the starting range of these reliable, durable, and exceptional buildings is $995!

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Regular Roof Carport Today!

Union Steel Structures’ carports are versatile, cost-effective, and require little-to-no maintenance. Translation? You can worry less and spend less, all while solving your storage and protection problems in a snap! Are you ready to learn more about how a regular roof carport could change your life, your home, or your business? Do you seek answers to your burning carport questions? Are you simply looking to talk with an expert to see how a regular roof carport could benefit you? Perfect—that’s exactly what the specialists at Union Steel Structures are here for! Call our building specialists at (888) 384-3936 to get a quote on your customized regular roof carport or for any questions you might have.

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