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Boxed Eave RV Carports

For many, the American dream involves traveling their great country in comfort and style, and what’s more comfortable and stylish than an RV? Hand-in-hand with these impressive vehicles and exciting adventures comes a great amount of investment, both of time and money.

Protecting one’s RV investment is important, not only from a financial standpoint but also from that of longevity. Being able to enjoy the benefits of an RV over and over again is part of the appeal! As such, finding a way to properly protect your RV is vital.

That’s where A-frame roof RV covers come in. These versatile covers are cost-effective and durable, making them perfect for protecting your investment. It’s no wonder that they are gaining popularity all across the United States!

Why Does Your RV Need Protection?

Nearly 10% of American households have an RV. This level of popularity is indicative of the priorities many Americans have and the lifestyle they choose to enjoy. Protecting your RV ensures that you will be able to continue enjoying that lifestyle for a much longer time!

From poor weather to theft and beyond, there are numerous benefits to housing your RV in a safe, secure A-frame horizontal roof metal RV cover. Your RV needs protection, a space in which to be maintained, and a covered area where repairs can be made!

Why Choose Boxed-Eave Style RV Covers?

While any protection is likely better than none, choosing a high-quality, long-lasting A-frame roof RV cover is one of the best things you can do to protect your investment. If you’re trying to protect your RV, why settle for anything less than exceptional?

The elements are one of your RV’s worst enemies, inevitably wearing on it and causing damage over time. A-frame horizontal roof steel RV covers eliminate this risk by offering protection from intense wind, heavy rains, and snowfall. The steel construction of these buildings ensure durability and effectiveness—the weather will stay where it belongs, outside!

These tremendous protective benefits are only accentuated by the fact that A-frame horizontal roof RV covers require little to no maintenance. Unlike traditional wooden structures, metal RV covers are not susceptible to mildew, pests, or other common threats, making them a breeze to take care of!

A-frame horizontal roof RV covers combine the best of both worlds by being durable and affordable. These cost-effective buildings are able to protect your RV, require little to no maintenance, and check-in at an affordable price, making them a deal that you simply cannot pass on!

Part of the tremendous value offered by boxed-eave style RV covers is their ability to work for a wide variety of uses. In fact, they are specifically designed and engineered to facilitate any need you have. From functioning as agricultural equipment storage or a watercraft shelter to harboring a church van or serving as a picnic area, the applications of these versatile buildings are limited only by your imagination!

You Can Even Change and Modify the Features of Your Metal RV Cover

When purchasing your A-frame horizontal roof RV cover, why buy from anyone other than the best? Union Steel Structures’ cares about your budget and your needs and allows you to completely customize your boxed-eave metal RV cover to fit both.

You can start the customization process by selecting a roof style. Metal RV covers come in three varieties—regular roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs, and vertical roofs. Each of these has its own benefits, with A-frame horizontal roof RV covers finding the best balance between budget (regular roofs) and pure strength (vertical roofs).

Once you have selected your roof style, you’ll need to determine the size your building needs to be. You can specify the width (starting at 12’ and going to 40’), length (starting at 21’ and growing in 5’ increments), and height (starting at 10’ and increasing in 1’ increments).  Then, choose your color scheme from the huge array of options Union Steel Structures has to offer!

You can also increase the strength of your boxed-eave RV cover by choosing between 12 and 14-gauge framing. 12-gauge framing uses thicker steel, thereby increasing the overall strength of your building. Choosing the correct type of anchors for your area and needs is also important in overall building strength. Rebar anchors, mobile home anchors, concrete anchors, and asphalt anchors are all options, each with their own advantages.


How Much Does A-Frame Roof Metal RV Cover Cost?

The final price of your A-frame horizontal roof RV cover will be dependent on several factors. From the size of the building to the aspects you chose to customize, every detail of your RV cover will come into play, but it will still be affordable.

Union Steel Structures even offers tremendous financing options to ensure you can get the protection your RV needs today. There are two financing options available, including a rent-to-own option and financing program!

Get the Ideal A-Frame Style Metal RV Cover at Union Steel Structures

Why buy from anyone other than the top dealer of A-frame horizontal roof RV covers in the United States? Union Steel Structures not only has the best products, but also the best customer service, ensuring your buying experience will be a positive one.

If you want more information on the most versatile, cost-effective metal buildings on the market, don’t hesitate to call our experts on (888) 384-3936.

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