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When people hear about site preparation, they tend to imagine heavy equipment tearing up their property. But despite popular belief, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Site preparation are the simple steps you must take to ensure a quick and easy installation for your steel building. By following these few steps, you can be sure the assembly crew will install your structure property. Keep in mind, all site preparation must be completed before the unit can be installed.

Preparing the Site

Site preparation is one of the most important steps to having a prefab metal building installed on your property. And while it’s quite easy to complete all site prep, it’s also your responsibility as the customer to complete it. Union Steel Structures does not provide assistance with any of the groundwork or other site preparation. If for some reason you do not complete all your site prep, there is a chance the assembly crew cannot install your structure. There is also the chance that if they do install it, it will minimize the structural integrity of the unit.

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Here at Union Steel Structures, customer service is our top priority. We work tirelessly each day to ensure you get exactly what you want, when you need it, for a price you can afford. Unlike other companies in the metal building industry, we aren’t here to just make a profit, but we’re here to help you find a reliable storage solution for your way of life. If you have any questions about how to complete your site preparation, or if you’d like to know more about our available steel buildings, give us a call today at (888) 384-3936.

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