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An RV carport is the most efficient and economical way of preventing your home-on-wheels from aging fast due to the effects of the sun, rain, and snow. They are explicitly designed to provide enough head clearance for your RV, but that doesn’t mean you can’t park other automobiles in there. Union Steel Structures is here to ensure that you get the sturdiest, cost-effective, and functional multi-purpose RV covers. We provide our customers with the best options in the market and allow them to customize their carports fully.

Selecting the Right Type of Metal RV Cover

With Union Steel Structures, shopping for the perfect fit RV carport is as easy as it gets. We have every option for you. The first thing you want to consider is how much space you need. Your RV cover should be able to accommodate both the height and width of your recreational vehicle. Then, would you like to fit something else in there? For instance, your car or boat could be packed side-by-side with your RV. What’s more, you can have an extra room on your carport for storage of essential pieces such as outdoor equipment, maintenance tools, holiday decorations, and your kid’s toys, among others.

Contact our carport specialist now at (888) 384-3936 to get a quote for your desired RV cover.

Features of Our RV Carports

Union Steel Structures has a vast list of options for the features that you can include in your RV cover. Our carport parts are of the highest quality, durable, and you can fully customize them to look and function just as you imagined. Some of these features include:

  • 12 gauge and 14 gauge steel: 14 gauge steel is sturdy and makes for an excellent choice that will protect your RV adequately, but 12 gauge metal is stronger. It is the best option for areas with heavy snow and high winds. However, we can design certified RV carports using both gauges.
  • Roof and Side Styles: Besides the three roof styles we mentioned, you get to select how you want the sides and ends to appear. Remember, you can always have the sides partially covered, fully covered, or open altogether.
  • Trims: We add trims for a smooth transition between wall panels around the corners, windows, and doors. We also add base trims to cover the region between the foundation and the bottom edges. Moreover, base angles can be included around the corners of your exterior door frames.
  • Colors: No one should be denied the chance to pick their favorite color, so Union Steel Structures allow you to select from a wide range of colors that match your taste and suit your particular needs.
  • Door types: Different door types have unique advantages. Sectional doors are low maintenance and can include windows, unlike roll-up doors. However, roll-up doors are more durable and maintain high performance under heavy usage. Then, side-hinged doors are more affordable, primarily if you operate them manually. They are also ideal for garages with limited headroom.
  • Utility Storage: Sometimes, you need an extra room to store a few other things that you don’t want lying around. We can partition your metal RV carport entirely and put another door in place so that you have extra storage space.

Get the Best RV Carports from Union Steel Structures

With over two decades of experience and armed with the most professional technical experts, building specialists, and installers in the steel building industry, Union Steel Structures is uniquely positioned to help you get the highest quality RV carports. Our primary mission is to provide America with durable, attractive, and functional metal buildings. Therefore, we commit ourselves to help you find the perfect fit. We pride ourselves in being the best at providing RV carports that are both sustainable and cost-effective.


You won’t find a team with as much expertise and experience in the design and building of steel structures. Our main mission is to help America in providing the best shelters with strong, metal buildings for home and business. We’ve got the best guaranteed pricing, with everything is manufactured in the United States. If you’re looking for the best quality materials, efficient delivery and 100% customer satisfaction, Union Steel Structures has it covered! Give us a call today.

Choose Union Steel Structures for the Best-Quality Steel Structures

Some structures are simply better than others. The best structures are built from the finest materials and feature top-notch craftsmanship. Fortunately, you can secure a high-quality structures from Union Steel Structures at an affordable price! Contact one of our Structure specialists today on (888) 384-3936 to learn more!

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