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Many Americans are turning to metal carports to protect their cars from the elements and to expand storage space. Compared to a traditional building, metal carports are affordable and easy to build. They’re also sturdy and reliable.

That helps explain why steel carports have become the first choice for people who need storage space. Building a carport will add value to your home or other property and are highly customizable. Besides cars, carports can be used to store boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular carports.

Certified Versus Non-Certified Steel Carports

Another important decision you must make is whether to get a certified carport that is built to withstand harsh weather. If you live in an area with high winds or heavy snowfalls, you’ll want a carport that is certified to withstand extreme conditions. By using a certified carport, you may be able to lower insurance costs.

A certified carport will feature a roof and structure that is designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions. The roof style, support columns, anchor types, truss designs, and materials used will all help determine what conditions the carport will be able to safely withstand.

A non-certified steel carport will still protect your cars from fair weather and other hazards. Non-certified carports are not reinforced, making them simpler to construct. They are also more affordable but there is no warranty.

Easy Customization Options for Your Steel Carports

Like most steel buildings, your carport can easily be customized. Some choose to have open sides, for example, while others prefer a more enclosed carport. You can also select a roof style, paint, and coloring that will fit in with the local environment. Of course, you can easily modify the dimensions of your carport.

Steel Carport Prices

Some steel carports start at $1,000 or less. The price will be influenced by the size and specifications selected. Certified carports are generally more expensive than non-certified ones. Carports that use higher quality steel and components will also cost more than carports fabricated from lesser materials. You will also need to level the foundation where the carport will be constructed, which may add to the costs.

Buy a Metal Carport Today

Want to purchase a metal carport? There are plenty of options. Besides buying a carport outright, you can seek financing or can rent-to-own a carport. Both options allow you to make payments rather than paying for the entire carport upfront.

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