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RVs provide a unique and convenient way to travel, whether going on a long road trip or a brief vacation. They offer home amenities while on the road, making them ideal for travelers who want to explore the country.

RVs and campers are often parked for long periods, usually for more than half the year, the reasons for which can vary according to the owner: work, school, or simply because the owner doesn’t want to travel all the time. While it makes sense that people would want to take advantage of their RV or camper and be on the road as much as possible, the truth is that it’s often more convenient and practical to keep them parked for extended periods.

It’s important to keep your RV in good condition even when you’re not using it, so it’s ready for your next trip. Some people choose to cover their RV with a tarp or fabric to protect it, but metal RV carports are usually the best—and most practical—options for these reasons:


Many of us often use RV storage spaces to store our vehicles. However, it can be costly and risky to pay a storage fee every month. Others may damage your car while moving their RV around the storage unit. You can save money and avoid damage to your car by installing and using your metal RV carports!


After your garage is built, you can customize it to better suit your needs. This might include adding an extra room, a partition, or storage space.

Exterior Protection

When you leave a vehicle in the sun and other harsh weather conditions, it will deteriorate over time. They will worsen if you don’t take care of sunspots, fading paint, vinyl, and rubber split. On the contrary, you will not have to spend extra money on maintaining your ride if you have metal RV carports because they will be protected all year round!

Interior Protection

Metal RV carports protect from the elements and help keep the vehicle’s interior clean and debris-free!

RVs are susceptible to damage from the elements when left outside without protection. The main areas that will show wear and tear are the steering wheel, the seat, and the pedals. Investing in metal RV carports can help prevent damage to your RV from the weather and save you money in the long run.

Overall Longevity

Metal RV carports will last longer than a wooden or cloth carport. You need to take extra care of your tarp or cloth cover for your vehicle by removing it and storing it somewhere safe, so it doesn’t get damaged. 

On the other hand, metal RV carports can save you time and prevent damage to your RV by providing shelter from dirt and debris. Steel carports are an easy and convenient way to protect your RV. It will not require any maintenance for many years. A reputable seller of galvanized steel RV shelters will often provide a rust warranty for their products. This protects your investment from any potential rust damage.

Let Us Build Your Metal RV Carports

At Union Steel Structures, we design and build top-rated metal RV carports that stand up to the elements and last a long, long, long time. Visit our website and get your quote now!

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