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Caring for animals entails tremendous responsibility, the complexity of which changes depending on the animal you have responsibility for. In the case of horse owners, it means creating a structure that can comfortably house the horses aside from providing feed, water, and constant exercise.

With that said, horse barns come in different variations, depending on the material you use in construction. You can go for the traditional wooden barn or even opt for a metal barn, which offers more advantages than the prior. See some of these advantages below.

1. Metal Barns Are Highly Durable

Although wooden barns are indeed built with quality materials, they are still susceptible to the elements. Wind, rain, snow, and even hail can easily destroy a wooden barn because they are not as strong as metal barns. Even fire hazards can destroy a wooden barn.

A metal barn is highly resistant to the elements. It’s built with solid metals that are resilient to pressure and normal weather conditions. These materials make metal barns highly durable and long-lasting.

2. Metal Barns Are Cost-Effective

An excellent way to cut costs is to invest in tools, equipment, and vehicles that can last longer. With the proper maintenance, a metal barn can last for decades, and you can pass it off to the next generation should you wish to. 

On the other hand, when you build a wood barn, you have to change the roof every couple of years. This means you will have to spend money more often, proving to be costly over time.

3. Metal Barns Can Be Very Energy Efficient

Another great advantage of metal barns is that they are admiringly efficient in energy usage. This fact is particularly true for a galvanized metal barn, which is also airtight, meaning that cold air won’t easily escape and hot air won’t easily enter. The latter is incredibly beneficial during the hot summer months.

Since there’s no excessive energy loss, you can save money in the long run. In the same vein, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you release into the atmosphere.

4. Metal Barns Are Versatile Design-Wise

Metal barns come in various designs. You can have a barn with a front hanger door, one with a front sliding door, one with a side hanger door, or even a rear rolling door. You can also opt for a barn with a haymow, which you can access by ladder.

It is also easy to customize a metal barn by adding a second level or a loft. This can prove to be beneficial for horses or other animals that constantly move around.

5. Metal Barns Are Safe for Horses

Metal barns are safe for horses. They don’t conduct heat, so horses won’t quickly overheat. They also don’t conduct electricity, so horses won’t be affected if light or other electrical equipment malfunctions.

The barns are also designed to keep animals from breaking through the walls. Since metal is rigid, it rarely fails. Horses won’t be able to break through a metal barn by force. They do, however, can damage a wooden barn.


Horse owners will always have the utmost responsibilities for their animals. These responsibilities include providing their animals with proper housing, care, and food.

The best way to provide such is by investing in a high-quality metal barn. These barns are highly durable, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and safe for horses. They also come in many designs, allowing you to have a barn that best suits your needs.

Looking for metal barns online? Union Steel Structures may have the metal barn you need. Our catalog features pre-made and customized metal barns, so we can accommodate your requests. Contact us today to get information on our pricing.

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