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Carports and garages constructed of steel add value to a home. Whether you want a basic carport or an enclosed garage, your vehicles and other valuables are secure. In addition, steel carports and garages are cost-effective shelter solutions.

Maintaining your metal shelter is a breeze. You still have to pay attention to these tips for upkeep:

1. Inspect the Roof

Roofs that are strong and well-sealed are the main thing protecting your shelter. Keep an eye out for any holes and water drainage problems. Check for any loose hardware or other damage. Most importantly, look for any cracks because they can increase the risk of rust.

2. Paint the Structure

After a few years, rust can form on a metal structure. This is especially prevalent on bare metal. You can help prevent this issue by painting the frame.

3. Remove any Snow

If the snow is on your structure, you can use a snow shovel to clear it away. Before doing so, determine if there are any other problems on the roof. If you don’t have a snow shovel, you can purchase one from most outdoor and hardware stores.

4. Inspect for Maintenance Needs

After clearing the snow, inspect the structure for any signs of damage. Look for broken parts, loose screws, and loose nails, if there are any. These issues are easy to fix and can be done with a pair of pliers, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

5. Apply any Required Oil

If you have a steel structure, you should apply a light oil coating to it. Too much oil is not good, so you shouldn’t use a second coat until the first has worn away.

6. Apply Finish Paint to any Exposed Steel

If you use your metal garage or carport, you may also want to paint the exposed steel. Low-VOC paints are effective and still provide good protection. You should paint the steel with a rust-prevention solution for bare metal before applying the paint.

7. Check the Weatherstripping

On the inside, the weather stripping can help protect your shelter from the elements. However, if it is missing, you should replace it. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and easy to install.

8. Inspect the Doors

Make sure the doors are sturdy enough to function and are correctly closing. Check for any dents, dings, and scratches as well. Doors should have a screen to protect from insects and a framework installed on the exterior.

9. Replace the Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are easy to replace because they are often hidden from view. If the light bulbs are burnt out, replace them immediately.

10. Open the Doors and Windows

Doors and windows must be able to open and close properly in a garage or storage structure. If any windows or doors are stuck, the weather stripping may be damaged.

11. Clean the Arrows

If your steel structure has arrows, you should also maintain them. If they are dirty, you should clean them off with a wet cloth or sponge. If they are stuck, you may need to spray some lubricant on the arrow to fix them.

12. Check the Foundation

A foundation supports most metal structures. The foundation should be well-anchored in the ground and level. After clearing the snow, you should examine the foundation for possible damage.


With so many metal structures, it can be easy to forget about them during the winter. If you follow this simple list, you can keep your metal structure safe and secure.

Union Steel Structures provides top-rated metal buildings and carports designed to stand up to the elements for years of enjoyment and use. Building a carport will add value to your home or other property and are highly customizable. Besides cars, carports can be used to store boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Contact us to design and build your new metal RV carport! Call 888-494-9031 to get a quote.

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