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The worst part of having your car damaged is how preventable it could have been. Instead of watching helplessly from your window as the elements pelt your vehicle, take steps to ensure this never happens to you. Whether you’re looking for additional protection from the elements or more space on your property, a garage is great to facilitate that.

This new structure is a big commitment, though. Construction, maintenance, decay—why would you want to take on all that? With a traditional wood garage, you might be right. But with a metal garage, all of these problems are mitigated or nonexistent. Here are reasons why

Metal Structures Are Custom-Made

The default prefabrication setting means metal garages are customizable according to your specifications. Want a simple structure that will hold one car or a more oversized three-car garage with space to work and a lean-to addition on the side to cover exterior equipment? They can design metal structures that fit those requirements!

The most fantastic thing about its customization is that modular metal garages are highly adaptable. If you decide on an addition later or your needs change down the road, installing expansions to your building is easy and inexpensive with a metal garage.

Metal Structures Are Easier to Assemble and Build

Since metal garages are prefabricated, the simple and effective design enables the job to take a fraction of the time of building a traditional wooden-framed structure. Putting up your garage helps you save money due to less time spent on construction. And that means less time without your car or other vehicles due to inclement weather.

Metal Structures Are Easier to Clean

Wood structures are more susceptible to decay in wet conditions and fires, so why not opt for a metal garage instead? Fire-resistant from the outside, your metal garage building, will protect what’s important to you best.

With our rust-proof coating already applied to the material, you can avoid most potential damage. In coastal areas where sea air is present, metal buildings last for years and years without needing any maintenance, so your business or home runs smoothly. Most of the time, a cleaning solution and a power washer will get the job done in just a few minutes!

Metal Resists Harsh Conditions

Our metal structures for garages meet the highest quality control standards and are certified to be wind-, snow-, and fire-resistant.

The metal comes pre-coated to ensure general durability and protect it against rust. You never have to worry about insects damaging the structure or wood warping and accelerating the aging process.

Even in high winds, nothing will punch through your metal garage. Take a look around your neighborhood: you’ll see holes in the siding of traditional wood, brick, or stucco garages everywhere!

Metal Structures Are More Affordable

Metal garages are a great choice because of their low cost and ease of maintenance. Compared to brick, stucco, and other building materials, metal is cheaper, costing around 40 percent less! And, it is easier to install and maintain than brick garages!

Garages with metal structures are the best option because they are the least expensive in the short-term and long run.


These are just good reasons you’d prefer a metal garage over a wooden one. If you want to save money and time while lowering your demands regarding future maintenance requirements, wooden garages might not be the best choice. Go for garages with metal structures instead!

Do you want to know more about garages with metal structures or get an online quote? Contact Union Steel Structures today! We design top-rated metal buildings and carports that stand up to the elements for years of enjoyment and use.

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