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Building your own carport is a great way to save money and get exactly the structure you want. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started. If you want to know what they are, look no further than the examples below.

1. Pick the Right Location

Building a metal carport on utilities is a bad idea because it can cause a lot of damage if something goes wrong. Make sure to pick a location that is far away from any sort of utility so that you don’t have to worry about the process not going according to plan.

2. Take Note of the Legal Procedures

Building a carport requires some permission from the local body. Make sure to know about these requirements before starting the project. This will avoid any issues that could come up during construction.

3. Prepare the Right Tools

The tools you will need to build a metal carport include a measuring tape, hammer, string line, shovel, and angular grinders. You will also need a circular saw and a hammer drill.

It is essential to always follow safety practices and measures to help prevent any potential accidents or hazards. Basic safety gear, such as gloves, eyeglasses, etc., can help protect you from potential injuries.

4. Mark Out the Perimeter

Start by cleaning the area around where you will be measuring. This will help you to have a clear starting point. Next, use something like string or tape to mark out the perimeter of the area you will be measuring. Start at one end, and measure six meters to the first corner. Place a marker at this corner, and then continue measuring and marking the other three corners.

5. Utilize String Lines

Start by stretching string lines between four pegs placed in the ground to create a rectangular shape. Remove the pegs from their fixed positions, as concrete post footings will be allocated in their place.

6. Analyze the Area

Next, be sure to measure diagonally, regardless if the area is square or not. To measure diagonally, you need to know the length of each side of the area you’re measuring. Then, you can use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the spot.

7. Dig the Hole

In order to build a structure, you need to first dig holes at four posts. The depth of the holes will depend on the type of structure you are building and the soil type. Once the holes are dug, you will need to mount the structure on cement plates.

8. Apply the Appropriate Amount of Cement

To make a post and concrete base, you will need to mix cement and pour it into holes where you want your posts to go. Take post saddles and fit them inside the holes. Make sure that the saddle part is 25mm above the wet cement. Use a spirit level to make sure the surface is leveled.

You should wait a week for the cement to settle before you start putting up the posts. After that, you can use the datum line to fit the beams and rafters. Once the downpipe and gutter are in place, you can start working on the roof.


There are a few key things to consider before building a metal carport. The most important factor is to ensure that it will be able to withstand the climate conditions in your area. You will also need to consider its size and shape and the materials you will use to build it. Finally, be sure to budget accordingly and allow for plenty of time to complete the project.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in vertical carports, look no further than our expertise here at Union Steel Structures. We are builders of top-rated metal buildings and carports, all designed to stand up to the elements for years of enjoyment and use. Call us today and let us build you a very durable metal carport that will stand the test of time!

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